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School Building Fund


Our school has ‘Voluntary Aided’ status. This means that, although our school is in the state system, we can retain our traditions and organise our school on the basis of the teachings of the Catholic Church. However, when we need to spend money on repairing, maintaining or developing our school buildings we are required by law to raise 10% of the cost ourselves. The board of Governors relies on parents’ support to raise this money and is very grateful for parents’ generosity over the years.


If we need to improve the school, to undertake basic repairs or add to extra facilities, we need to find 10% of the cost ourselves. We will write to parents each year to explain our plans for the school building fund.


While we appeal to all parents to contribute if possible, we must emphasise that parents are under no obligation to contribute. No child will be excluded from any activity because their parents are unable or unwilling to contribute.