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Class Saints

Each class has a special saint. The children learn about the life of their saint and draw inspiration from their actions and devotion. We think about the missions of the saints in relation to Catholic Social Teaching and take ideas about helping others.

They celebrate their saint's feast day and share their knowledge with the rest of the school.


Nursery - Saint Michael 

Rec T - Saint Michael 

Rec H- Mother Mary

1D- Saint Joseph

1S- Saint Patrick

2A - Saint George 

2W - Saint David

3M - Saint Therese of Lisieux

3B - Saint Andrew

4M - Saint Francis of Assisi

4V - Saint Bernadette

5S - Saint Paul 

5W - Saint Brigid 

6H - Saint Oscar Romero

6L - Saint Thomas Aquinas 

6S - Saint Teresa of Calcutta 

You can find out information about the saints here