Supporting Your Child’s Education

Children should read with an adult every night and record how many pages they have read in their Home-School Link Book. The adult should then comment and sign.

We continue to encourage children to take a variety of work home, thus hoping to promote an enthusiasm for learning beyond the bounds of the school environment and to foster parental involvement. Throughout their school life, children may be asked to find out information at home and utilise resources within their community connected with topic work in which they are currently involved.

Please refer to the timetable in the front of your child’s Home-School Link Book, which should provide a guide to how long should be spent on homework. Presentation of homework should be of the highest standard. The Home-School Link Book must be signed each week and can also be used to communicate any problems or concerns involving your child, and if so, please ensure the child makes the teacher aware of this message.

Growth Mindset

Parent Workshops

The following presentations, which were shared with you during our Curriculum Evening, will also offer some useful guidance on the new expectations of how you can support your child's learning at home.


Mathematics Support

Mathematics Support Websites

Here is a list of websites that you could use to support your child at home. Many cover lots of the curriculum activities that will be covered in class throughout the year. Your child may be familiar with some of the activities as we use them as starters in our maths lessons as an interactive resource.


Download How to Support your Child at Home

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