Newsletter 19 2015/16

Dear Parents, you may be aware that we have begun to work in a loose collaboration with other local Catholic schools: Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School; Saint Ignatius Catholic Primary School; Saint Lawrence Catholic Primary School and Saint Paul's Catholic College. Our catholicity unites us and our joint aim is to support each other in improving the education and life chances of all of our pupils. We have already begun to work on a number of projects such as the moderating of writing to ensure our assessment is accurate and consistent across the schools and working together to achieve consistency in approaches to how we teach maths concepts and methods consistently between primary and secondary ages. Another aspect of our work is to support each other in the accurate self-evaluation of teaching and learning. Previously this year, I visited Saint Ignatius and Our Lady of the Rosary and yesterday, the Headteachers from these schools visited Saint Michael's. They were joined by our School Improvement Advisor to help quality assure the judgements being made. Over the course of the morning, we visited every class to observe the quality of teaching and learning; audited the children's books and interviewed subject leaders. We found that the children were engaged in lessons and making excellent progress, there were consistently high expectations across the school and lessons were inspiring as well as challenging. The quality of the children's work in their books was found to be excellent. The feedback the children receive both verbally and through marking allows them to make sustained progress and they take great pride in their presentation. I was very proud of the pupils and staff as I visited each class and it was extremely reassuring for knowledgeable and experienced colleagues to provide such high praise. This kind of 'school to school' support will become increasingly common for schools in the future as we are asked to become less reliant on local authority and diocesan support. Collaborating with other schools in this way is extremely rewarding as it allows us to share best practice, build strong links and learn from each other. Mr Lane

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