Governor PositionGovernor Name
Chair of Governors
Mr. R. Aquilina
Vice Chair of Governors
Mrs. A. James
Foundation Governors
Mrs. A. Bulfin
Mr. D. Clarke
Mr. C. Derby
Mrs. C. Desilva
Mrs. I. Reddington
Mr. C. Salomons
LA GovernorVacant
Parent GovernorsMrs. S. Fox
Mr. D. Allister
Staff GovernorMrs. K. Knipe
Mrs. C. Beddow

Key Information on Governors

Name Governor Type Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed by Relevant Business & Financial Interests Governance Roles in other Schools
David Allister Parent 01/01/15 4 Yrs Elected None None
Damien Clarke Foundation 21/04/16 4 Yrs Diocese* NoneNone
Chris Derby Foundation 30/01/12 4 Yrs Diocese* None None
Clare Desilva Foundation 01/09/14 4 Yrs Diocese* None None
Sue Fox Parent 01/01/15 4 Yrs Elected Executive committee member of 8th Ashford Scout Group None
Amy James Foundation 01/09/14 4 Yrs Diocese* None None
Kelly Knipe Staff 24/02/14 4 Yrs Elected Deputy Headteacher of the school
John Lane Staff 24/03/13 On-Going Ex Officio Headteacher of the school None
Anne Bulfin Foundation 01/09/17 4 Yrs Diocese* NoneNone
Imelda Reddington Foundation 28/02/13 4 Yrs Diocese* Surrey Mediation Partner None
Chris SalomonsFoundation16/03/164 YrsDiocese*NoneNone
Simon Jay Co-Opted 16/03/16 1 Yr Diocese* Teaching Staff at Esher High SchoolNone
Richard Aquilina Foundation 05/01/17 Until 31/08/20 Diocese* Youth Football Coach, Staines LammasNone
TBA Local Authority

* Foundation Governors are appointed by the Archbishop of Westminster

Governors who have stepped down during the past year 2016-17

NameGovernor TypeDate of
Term of
Relevant business & pecuniary interests
Mgr Jim OvertonFoundation01/04/144 YearsDiocese*Parish Priest of St Michael Parish Church

Meeting Attendance Over the Past Year - Sept 2016 - July 2017

Name Attendance Dates COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP - 2016-17

Curriculum - CUR // Spirituality - SPR // Admissions - ADM/Sub Committees - Finance & Personnel - FIN // Health & Safety - H&S // Pay & Appraisal - PAY // Headteacher's Appraisal - HTA
12/09/16 29/11/16 21/03/17 18/07/17
Richard Aqualina N/A N/A Yes Yes RES
Damien Clarke Yes No Yes Yes
Les Cordery No N/A N/A N/A ADM/FIN/H&S-CHAIR
Chris Derby Yes Yes Yes Yes FIN-CHAIR/PAY/HTA
Claire De Silva Yes Yes Yes Yes CUR/SPR
Sue Fox Yes Yes Yes Yes CUR-CHAIR/ADM/H&S
Amy James Yes Yes Yes Yes SPR/ADM/FIN/H&S
Simon Jay N/A N/A Yes Yes
Kelly Knipe Yes Yes Yes Yes CUR/SPR-CHAIR/ADM/FIN/H&S/PAY
John Lane Yes Yes Yes Yes ALL COMMITTEES
Mgr Jim Overton No Yes Yes Yes CUR/SPR/PAY
Imelda Reddington Yes Yes Yes Yes CUR/ADM/HTA & VICE CHAIR OF GOVERNORS
Chris Salomons N/A N/A Yes Yes H&S

Governing body structure

Governing Body Structure

Governors Strategic Overview

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Governors Action Plan

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Download Action Plan 2016-17

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